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SMS Wiki



Game Info
Documentation of game knowledge.

  1. Categories
    Overview of category definitions and routes.
  2. Shines
    Pages detailing strats for individual shines.
  3. Tutorials
    An index of mostly external tutorials.
  4. Misc
    E.g. strat timing.

General Info
Documentation of anything else – rulesets, tools, methodologies.

  1. Setup
    Guides on setting up to speedrun.
  2. Tools
    An index of useful software.
  3. Misc
    E.g. IL guide+rules, retiming methodology, wiki-editing guide.

Leaderboards, events, archives.

  1. Leaderboards
    Links to leaderboards.
  2. Events
    A list of events and links to their pages and results.
  3. Misc
    E.g. Discord archives.