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Index of external links to useful software.

  1. Game Tools
    1. Emulator
    2. Console
    3. Practice Mods
  2. Speedrun Tools
    1. Timers
    2. Streaming Software
    3. Input Displays
    4. Video Tools
    5. Misc Tools
  3. Analysis Tools

Game Tools

Tools used to play and practice SMS.


Dolphin Emulator [Settings Guide]
The only emulator used to play SMS on PC. Use the latest beta version; never use the stable version.


Wii Homebrew
Full tutorial complete with requisite software. It’s recommended to complete every step – HackMii, BootMii, NAND Backup, Priiloader, cIOSes.

Wii Homebrew game loader app used to practice with cheat codes and run ILs; removes region locks; not used for RTA runs because of inaccurate loading times and lag. Use the latest version, 6.498 or later; 6.489 is also fine but earlier/later versions often have problems. Install by extracting the zip onto an SD card so it looks like this.

Gecko OS
Wii Homebrew game loader app used for SMS RTA runs; removes region locks. *Links to just the program; installation same as Nintendont.

Swiss Loader
Wii Homebrew game loader app required to run PAL SMS at 480p, and to run cheat codes with accurate loads and lag; removes region locks. Link is to full tutorial with requisite software.

AnyRegion Changer
Wii Homebrew utility app required to persistently change the console region and video mode so that PAL/NTSC consoles/discs can be mixed. Not needed for non-persistent region-free loading (e.g. with Gecko OS). Link is to full tutorial with requisite software.

Practice Mods

SMS Practice Codes
Cheat codes for Wii and emulator used for practice and to do IL speedruns.

sup39’s Practice Codes
Extension codes developed by sup39.

Speedrun Tools

Tools used during speedruns.


Standard speedrun timer.

Standard visual autosplitter for LiveSplit; ask in the Discord for split images and setup info. To get consistent window sizes when capturing windows in AutoSplit, use Sizer.

Streaming Software

Standard streaming software.

Kushview Element
Audio plugin host for microphone sound processing; example plugins here.

Input Displays

Input display software for used with GameCube input display hardware that can be bought from various people or soldered with an Arduino (ask in the Discord).

Tron-Style GameCube Displays
Standard skins for Nintendospy made by Aliensqueakytoy. There’s a custom version with a shine-sprite c-stick floating around SMS runners’ DMs.

Input display sofware for use with Dolphin emulator; works out-of-the-box.

Video Tools

See here for recommended software to crop videos, retime and frame-analyse speedruns, and download videos from websites.

Misc Tools

Chrome Remote Desktop; jsmpeg-vnc
Remote-desktop tools to stream OBS/LiveSplit/etc. to another computer, useful for e.g. single-monitor setups where you have an additional laptop. Chrome Remote Desktop will stream the whole desktop over the internet, while jsmpeg-vnc streams a single window over LAN.

Analysis Tools

Tools for analysing speedruns.

Any% World Segment Calculator
A spreadsheet tool to convert your split file into world segment history and bests.

Petey Pattern Tool
An app tool to analyse the probability of a Bianco 5 Petey pattern.