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RTA Leaderboards
Current leaderboards for real-time speedruns and category extensions.

IL Leaderboards
Current leaderboards for in-game-time speedruns of individual levels, segment/split documentation and misc real-time category extensions. The source for the leaderboard is available here.

Country/State Records
Any%/120-Shine top 5 per country/USA-state.

WR History

Up-to-date text documents

120 Shines

Documentary Videos

Any% (AverageTrey, Sept 2017)
120 Shines (AverageTrey, Sept 2018)
Pianta 6 (AverageTrey, Apr 2020)


Any% Leaderboards

Any% Leaderboard Backups
Backups of the Any% leaderboard since 2017/07.

Pre-GBS Any% Leaderboard
Archive of the Any% leaderboard from 2014/02/20, before GBS was found and Sunshine rose in popularity.

IL Leaderboards

IL Sheet Backups: (2017/12 – 2020/06), (2020/10 – 2022/07)
Monthly copies of the current IL sheet.

Previous IL Sheets: Shine Touch, Real Time
The current sheet dropped on 2017/11/21. IL Archive
Retired IL leaderboard.