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Bianco 4

Bianco 4 is a red coin shine which requires collecting 8 red coins for the shine to spawn. You should be comfortable with hoverslides, (jump) dive rollouts, (buffered) spin jumps, sideflips, and triple jumps to have success with this shine. The intermediate and advanced strats for this level require knowledge of glitchy wall kick hovers (GWKHs) and insta-momentum spin jumps.


Triple Jump Y-Turn

  • From the start, hold up and hoverslide
  • Aim towards the end of the log and buffer a hover as Mario slides off the path
  • Hover briefly, then perform a small double jump off the log
  • Triple jump y-turn off the grass by tapping A+Y together. You may roll your thumb from A to Y to ensure this is done properly
  • Hold right during the y-turn then hover to the right of the bump in the wall
  • Perform 3 dive rollouts along the wall, collecting the 1st red coin
  • Hoverslide to continue along the wall then rollout through the 2nd red coin
  • Perform a buffered spin jump to the left out of the rollout, then hover onto the second wall
  • Hoverslide through the 3rd red coin then rollout to the roof with the 4th red coin
  • Jump to the right onto the rope to collect the 5th red coin. Be sure not to jump too far or you’ll miss the coin
  • Jump off the rope and hover up to the roof with the 6th red coin. Hoverslide through it, aiming towards the 7th red coin and fall off the roof
  • Let Mario fall briefly, then hover to the 7th red coin and turn left
  • Dive to the roof below the wooden sails, then insta-momentum spin to the right
  • Hover onto the middle section of the final building and spin jump into the right pillar
  • Wall kick to the left and collect the 8th red coin
  • Jump and hover towards the rope, then dive rollout onto it. If you want to avoid missing the rope, you can skip the dive rollout and hover all the way to the rope instead.
  • Perform three jump dives off the rope, ground pounding before the 2nd and 3rd ground pound, until diving into the shine

If you struggle with the insta-momentum spin after the 7th coin, you can hover to the roof without diving and perform a normal spin jump to the right.


The Intermediate strat adds the grass-slide at the start of the level and a glitchy wall-kick hover at the end, which combined can save 1.0-1.5 seconds.


  • At the start of the level, turn the camera slightly to the right, then hold up and hoverslide
  • Aim the hoverslide for the section of grass shown below, the last part which is not raised above the path

this section of grass

  • Slide onto the grass, then aim for this spot where the grass wall dips back slightly
  • Buffer a hover and slide off the grass wall. Holding up-right, briefly hover back towards this spot on the grass
  • As Mario lands back on the grass, spin jump towards the white wall and hover onto it
  • Hoverslide to the bump on the white wall then continue the level following the Beginner strat

Glitchy Wall-Kick Hover

  • Upon landing on the middle section of the final building, spin jump towards the left pillar
  • GWKH by first rolling your thumb from Y to A to GWK onto the roof of the pillar
  • Finish the GWKH by briefly hovering after performing the GWK. The hover must come at least 1-2 frames after the GWK, otherwise you will do a regular wall kick with y-cam storage instead of a GWKH, which looks like this.
  • If you do a regular wall kick following an attempted GWKH, hover backwards onto the left pillar. Tap L while hovering to remove the y-cam storage that would otherwise occur when Mario lands.
  • Finish the level the same as the Beginner strat


The Advanced strat, known as Rope Speedspin, adds an insta-momentum spin jump off the final roof before the last rope, which can save up to 1.64 seconds, but comes with the risk of rolling out off the roof.

Rope Speedspin

  • After collecting the 8th red coin, jump dive into the roof of the right pillar, aiming for this spot on the roof
  • Perform an insta-momentum spin to the right, following the path of the rope
  • Briefly hover to exit the spin and fall onto the rope
  • Jump dive off the rope, ground pound just before landing back on it, then jump dive off it again into the shine