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Ricco 1 (Blooper)

First Nose Pull

  • Hold Analog R and Up out of the cutscene of the blooper breaking out
  • Align Mario’s feet with the circled black dot on the ground

  • Stand still very briefly (3-5 frames) -> Full jump (Hold A) -> Tap Up briefly (just enough to get a bit of forward momentum) -> When Mario has descended about halfway from the peak of the jump, press B and immediately hold Down on the stick

Second Nose Pull

  • Take the many seconds you have while the blooper is recovering from the first hit to align the bottom of Mario’s shoes with the green line. This location in game is just above halfway in between the circled black dot and the start of the “checkered” area on the ground (as indicated by the red lines)

  • Just as the blooper’s tentacles hit the ground, tap A -> B (staggered a few frames apart, being sure to only tap A briefly for a very small jump) and hold Down as soon as you dive.

Nose Releases (works for both pulls)

  • Option 1: Release the nose when the tip of Mario’s cap just begins crossing the bottom most black dot in the boxed trio of dots (indicated by the green line)
  • Option 2: Release the nose when Mario’s shoes fully align with the circled black dot on the ground (semi-indicated by the green line)

  • Note: It can help to spam R while the blooper is spinning and spreading goop after the first release to ensure these cues are visible for the second pull