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Bianco 3

Bianco 3 is made up of two parts: the Entry and the Secret. You should be comfortable with hoverslides, (jump) dive rollouts, spin jumps, sideflips, and triple jumps to have success with this shine.


Both the Beginner and Advanced Entry strats utilize a majority of the same movement. The one difference will be called out in the Advanced section.


Pole Wall Kick

  • From the start, hold up and hoverslide
  • Aim towards roughly the middle of the log and buffer a hover by holding R
  • Briefly hover when Mario slides off the path and double jump off the log
  • Depending on the speed retained from the double jump, you may need to dive rollout to reach the doorway
  • Dive through the doorway, rollout, then jump and spray up the path. Dive into the water left on the path
  • Slide to the water, rollout onto the first log, jump dive to the second log
  • Rollout onto the land, dive rollout up the small hill to position yourself to the right of the pole
  • Spin jump or sideflip into the pole to begin the wall kick
  • Aim to the right side of the pole as Mario can only wall kick off the right side.
  • Hover up to the cliff, dive rollout into the steep section while holding R to buffer a hover
  • Hover up the steep section, then jump dive and rollout into the secret

If you struggle with the Pole Wall Kick, you can spin jump into the cliff wall, then wall kick and hover to the cliff instead.



This strat differs from the beginner strat in how Mario passes through the doorway. Instead of a dive/rollout and jump/spray into dive, the entire sequence can be accomplished with a well-positioned and well-timed hoverslide. See timestampe 0:14 of the video below for where to begin the hoverslide.



Triple Jump Dive

  • Run forward briefly then begin a triple jump sequence
  • Triple jump dive up to the fourth moving block and rollout onto the fifth block
  • Spin jump dive up to the orange blocks, rollout to the center block, adjusting left if necessary
  • Jump dive onto the last orange block and rollout, adjusting right to avoid boinking the nail
  • The green path consists of a jumpdive/rollout and dive/rollout. One of the rollouts needs to be a short rollout for proper spacing
  • Dive rollout onto the first star, rollout to the second, then rollout and jump dive to the shine


Jump Dive

  • Jump dive as soon as mario lands and hold left. Do a short rollout to the edge of the first block
  • Jump up/right to the second block and spin jump dive to the fourth block
  • Spin jump dive up to the orange blocks and rollout to the middle block
  • If fast enough, you can dive onto the 3rd orange block as it’s lowering (like the video below). As a backup, you can jump dive over it instead.
  • If you dove to the 3rd orange block, rollout up to the orange block
  • Perform dive rollouts across the green path, then finish the same as the beginner strat