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Ricco 6

Ricco 6 is made up of two parts: the Entry and the Blooper Race.


  • Hoverslide to the right and fall off the dock between the wall and the small post
  • Hover breifly towards the red button, then fall in the water
  • Jump dive onto the logs, rollout, then ground pound the red button

Blooper Race

The Blooper Race can either be done clockwise or counter-clockwise. Clockwise is marginally safer, but is about 1s slower.

Counter-Clockwise Route

Follow the route shown above. There are multiple ways to approach the 6th coin. The route above goes left of the first pillar and right of the second pillar. Alternatively you can go right of the first pillary and left of the second pillar, shown here, which is about 0.3s slower. Another riskier alternative is to go left of both pillars, shown here. This saves up to 0.6s over the route shown above.

Clockwise Route

Follow the route shown above. Again, this is marginally safer, but loses roughly 1s over counter-clockwise route.